Gucci Ready-to-Wear Fall 2012

Silk dress with green flower at bottom

Fur Coat

Yet again Gucci has brought out another collection that will be seen throughout the fashion world. Whether it is on a celebrity, in a magazine or at an award show, these dark prints and fabulous embellishments are sure to be seen in no time. It was an amazing collection, with so much you could wear from boots, pants, tops, dresses and jackets.

Ever since Frida Ginani took over as creative director, every season has been consistent in wowing and being even more amazing than the last. This season she brought out the dark fabrics and continued with the embellishments that have been so on trend lately.  She also used such opulent velvets of green and maroon, while also using furs. Some would think it would be too heavy but the clothes seemed not to wear you down but glam you up. And these materials followed through to the bags, showing velvet flower accents and brocade leathers of midnight blue and dark red. The collection showed a sense of romantics while also being dark and mysterious. Some said it was as if you walked out of scar face.


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