What happened to photographers?

Today anyone can be a photographer. With today’s computers and digital cameras, photography has become accessible to everyone.  I remember the thrill and excitement of owning my first camera. Now with cameras on our phones and digital cameras being so inexpensive and accessible, I feel the excitement of being a photographer is gone.

Photography’s use over the years has been for everything from studies of animals, record keeping and even surveillance by the military, police and security.  Families use it to capture and record special events and moments in their lives.  However, there are always a few special people who can use photography to make something beautiful and artistic.  These are the people who inspire me and make me want to do the same.

The glamour I once associated with these few artists and visionaries is being lost. The art of processing and developing photos takes talent, time and patience.  To get the chemicals and light exactly right to create the perfect picture is a true art form and not just anyone can accomplish it.  Thanks to the internet, we now just go online and download one of the many available computer applications or websites that do it all for us.  With access to digital photography and the easy ways to create special effects, people have lost the appreciation of old techniques of developing and printing photographs.

Not only can anyone take a decent picture, they can also post them online for everyone to see.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t be able to take photos and share them, I just think all of these factors are contributing to the process and the art largely being lost.

A few artists and photographers give me hope that the art of photography is not dead yet. As some new and revamped cameras and equipment of the past come on the market, I am hopeful photography will once again have the glamour and talent that is exciting to me.


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