A Victoria Spread

In the most recent issue of V Man Magazine, they did an amazing photo spread at the end of the issue. Fashioned by Carine Roitfeld, this mock calendar uses all the girls from Victoria Secret in scantily clad clothes. The way it is photographed is amazing and gives this soft glow for spring. The women are dressed in springs best fashions and look amazing in their pin up poses.





What happened to photographers?

Today anyone can be a photographer. With today’s computers and digital cameras, photography has become accessible to everyone.  I remember the thrill and excitement of owning my first camera. Now with cameras on our phones and digital cameras being so inexpensive and accessible, I feel the excitement of being a photographer is gone.

Photography’s use over the years has been for everything from studies of animals, record keeping and even surveillance by the military, police and security.  Families use it to capture and record special events and moments in their lives.  However, there are always a few special people who can use photography to make something beautiful and artistic.  These are the people who inspire me and make me want to do the same.

The glamour I once associated with these few artists and visionaries is being lost. The art of processing and developing photos takes talent, time and patience.  To get the chemicals and light exactly right to create the perfect picture is a true art form and not just anyone can accomplish it.  Thanks to the internet, we now just go online and download one of the many available computer applications or websites that do it all for us.  With access to digital photography and the easy ways to create special effects, people have lost the appreciation of old techniques of developing and printing photographs.

Not only can anyone take a decent picture, they can also post them online for everyone to see.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t be able to take photos and share them, I just think all of these factors are contributing to the process and the art largely being lost.

A few artists and photographers give me hope that the art of photography is not dead yet. As some new and revamped cameras and equipment of the past come on the market, I am hopeful photography will once again have the glamour and talent that is exciting to me.

A Struggle to Survive


Polaroid came out with the instant film camera in 1948, dominating the market and becoming a household name.  That is all changing in recent years and the development of digital cameras is making it even harder for Polaroid to hang on to their once dominant role in the camera market.  They are now seeking ways to come back, will they be able to do it?

Polaroid is struggling in the market, competing with such brands as Sony, Nikon and Canon.  Polaroid’s halting production of its once famous instant camera, and the film for it, leaves people around the world with mixed feelings as they try to hold on to the nostalgia of this classic camera. With a large fan base, demand is getting higher, but without profit, Polaroid is being forced to stop production of the film for these cameras, causing what is left of the film to become very expensive.

Polaroid is fighting back, holding a press conference in January of 2011, with their new Creative Director, Lady GaGa, and introducing three new products hoping to bring back the instant camera.  The first of these products is one the company has been developing since their beginning, eyewear. But this is no regular eyewear; within the glasses is a camera enabling you to capture and record what you see. Another product is a small printer, the size of the original Polaroid camera, which can be wirelessly connected to your mobile device and instantly print a photograph.  At the press conference Lady GaGa asked, “What is the camera of the future? This is, your cell phone.”  Emphasizing that many of us don’t even use digital cameras to take pictures anymore, instead we use our cell phones.  Having a way to print these pictures instantly is a throwback to the instant camera and this is an exciting product they are introducing to the market.  The last product Lady GaGa introduced directly reverts back to the instant Polaroid camera we are all familiar with. The new camera has a similar style and shape to the old one, but now has a screen and you are able to save your pictures for later or print them instantly.

As we can see by these three new radical products they are introducing, Polaroid is trying to gain back a share of the market they once dominated.  There are mixed reactions; some feel the new products do not have the same feel as the older ones, while some find them exciting. I asked Alex Woo, 20, a Communications major at New York University, if she feels this is a positive or negative step for the company.  Her reply?   “Positive, because that’s what makes it so alluring, the fact that it’s new with a hint of the past.”

In the next few months we will see if the products are a success or not. The revamping of the company, Lady GaGa as their Creative Director, and introducing these new products, they are sure to make a splash in the market and hopefully bring the company back to the forefront.

Dirty Nature


You have probably seen his work without knowing who created it. Terry Richardson is creeping to the top of the photography field with his provocative and sexually-driven style of photography.

At the beginning of his career, Richardson simply came to the set with a disposable camera. People would ask him “where is all of your equipment?” and he would simply show them his camera. His photographs can easily be identified by his technique of over exposure and sexualized subject matter and there aren’t many publications that don’t contain his work.

Richardson is becoming very famous and his work can be found almost everywhere today, from Harper’s Bazaar to GQ.  His portraits of celebrities shock and surprise the viewer.  He puts his subjects in the most interesting, and often sexual, settings.

For an example, take his latest campaign, photos of Lady GaGa shot for Supreme Magazine. Lady GaGa is by no means a saint, but the photos by Richardson make her seem like a dirty creature from the street corner. Wearing only a white shirt, completely drenched from head to toe with her breasts totally visible through the shirt, these sexually charged photos really catch your eye!  Today’s society is all too familiar with sex in advertising, facilitated, no doubt, by Richardson. It has taken time for his work to be accepted because of his style, but he is quickly becoming a household name.

His unique style can be seen in all his works, most of his subjects being shirtless or nearly nude.  His photographs of famous designer Marc Jacobs are of him shirtless; actress Amy Adams in lingerie posing in heels; and even himself, completely nude! His fashion photography is known the world over.  Not all of his work is over sexualized, in his recent  shoot of Courtney Cox for Harper’s Bazaar, he just used his overexposure technique.  This is one aspect which sets him apart from other photographers.

Richardson does countless shoots for virtually every magazine out there and he is being embraced with open arms. He wines and dines with famous celebrities and seems to be chums with everyone he encounters.

sally mann