Gotye has exploded on the music scene. With their current appearance on Saturday Night Live, people have been drawn to him. Somebody That I Used to Know is the new single from his upcoming album, and has been on the iTunes top ten chart for weeks. Although I did take notice of Gotye and love his songs, but on Somebody That I Used to Know he had a feature singer on the track. Kimbra. She her self is an established artist. She has an amazing single, Settle Down, and video to go along with it, that is amazing! She has a beautiful voice and beautiful look. With big lips and hair you have to check her out. She has an album coming out in May.


Neko Case

She has been a long time go to on my iPod and she is one of the greatest people to see live. She is Neko Case. Her soulful and folk music brings a certain mood to your day that just can’t be explained. She is an American singer-songwriter and although popular through the US, she has also made her mark in Canada as well. Her red hair and pale skin just give this artist her amazing natural yet fabulous look.


The one thing I like about her is that her music can bring you up and it can help you through the sad times. One of my favorite songs is “I Wish I Was the Moon tonight.” This song describes getting away from this world and just forgetting everything. She tells to just be the moon for the night and escape from it all.